2 Important Things Every Budding Writer needs to Know

Just as in swimming, the code is to keep the stride and stay afloat, there are a number of codes every budding writer and indeed every writer needs 

Writing is an ever learning process, the more you write the more you know what works and what doesn’t as far as the development of your creative writing is concerned. In the words of Ernest Hemingway:

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

Simply put, writers are continuous learners. 

One of such things I’ve found recently is that just as maintaining the stride keeps you afloat in swimming, there are some codes that every budding writer must abide by in order to develop steadily in the craft. 

These codes are particularly important to the upcoming writer. 

They are:

1. Writing is incomplete without readership  

2.  All Great Writing is Rewriting 

 1. Writing is Incomplete without readership: whether you like it or not. Even if you are writing for yourself, all writing is meant to be read. The writing craft is not a hideous one, you must show. In fact, public practice is the best way to get better faster. It opens you up to feedback of all sorts from critics to fans, giving you ample critique/criticism as well as some raves. There’s no two ways about it, if you want to develop and succeed in this craft then you must showcase your work. 

 2. All Great Writing is Rewriting: this quote from E. B. White, co-author of one of the best books on writing style – The Elements of Style, was very crucial to my early writing. It is natural for you to feel done with a piece when you’ve compiled your drafts, but beyond this stage lies rewriting which is hard but needful. In fact, after seeing how my pieces tend to be better when I pay more attention to the rudiments of writing, I’ve come up with a six step formula to writing masterpieces. You can read that here. 

Ending Notes

Writing without an audience is just like playing a football match in an enclosed place with no spectators. There’s no way you’d know how well you do if you don’t have readers. Rewriting is an essential aspect of writing and any budding writer who holds on to it would develop great pieces after each following of the rewriting process

There are lots of tips on how to develop steadily in the writing craft but as far as the budding writer is concerned, these two stand out. 


The Importance of a Daily Writing Habit (And how to develop one) 

Writers write. It is the only way through which we birth pieces. The thing is for most writers, the development cycle is so slow and although it is not a very bad thing what harm is there in developing fast? The thing is to develop in the craft of writing like any other craft requires practice; consistent practice. To this end it is very important for the budding writer to write regularly. 
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How to Concentrate on Writing one thing at a time 

Last week I’ve wrote about where I go to get  inspired to write. However, I’ve come to know that aside such moments when we lack inspiration, there is also another big problem many writers face daily. This is the problem of deciding what to write. 

Often times we have more than one thing for which we are itching to write. We have two or more ideas waiting to be penned down. 

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Where to find writing inspiration 

​5 places I go to get inspired to write

There are days when as writers we feel uninspired to write. 

It is not that there’s some writers’ block or that we’re not in the mood to write but that there’s is no inspiration to write. 

On such days no articles are produced, no stories birthed and the writers’ world is in a standstill. Zero productivity. Constant drifting. 

To solve this problem, there are places where I go to get fresh inspiration to write and that is what I write about in this post. 

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What to do on days when you don’t feel like writing 

​Whether you’re just starting out or have been writing for a long time, there are always days when you want to do anything but writing. On such days you feel like beating yourself up. Writing productivity is lost and the creative muscles are dulled (at least for that moment). Well, I am an avid fan of staying productive (churn out great pieces) and such days are always nightmares. I feel awful on them. 

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The one reason your writing is boring

Have you ever cared to ask why some writers churn out page turners while others don’t?

It is commonplace to find the work of a good writer interesting, engaging and awesome in flow.

You find yourself reading such page turners faster.

But what makes a piece great enough to make you turn to the next page without getting tired?

What drives boredom from the writings of some writers?

Well, today I’m going to tell you one major reason writings could turn out boring.

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Rewriting – A needful tool for writers

Last week I was reading a short story online. It was a good story – suspense filled, captivating flow and well described scenes.
But then as I was reading I began to bump into some potholes.
I was irritated and had to stop reading it.
Let me ask you, Have you ever left an article because it was poorly written?
Or better still, Have you ever written a piece only to receive feedback on it saying: “nice concept but please rewrite”?
If you belong to a writing group or work with an Editor, I bet your answer would be yes!


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