Thanks a lot for deciding to check out my books page. Am glad to tell you that I have published three ebooks at the moment but more are surely coming. You can read about this three ebooks below and click their page to know how to get them.

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Study Passion

study passion ebookYour studies deserve the best of you but when you lose interest in them then the problem comes in. Read study passion and learn how I attacked and overcame the problem of dead study zeal.

The methods I explain in this book are simple and straightforward.

You can read more and get it here.

Apprehending the Shadows

This is my short story a crime thriller in Nigerian setting. Download it for free here.

Break Out Writing

You’ve got a message that needs to be communicated and you know that the best way to be heard is by writing but you have stayed there for months without doing anything else.

Real writers write they don’t give excuses for not writing. This small e-book will kick you in the butts about why and how you break the shell that is stopping you from writing.


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