Welcome to My World

Hi, I’m Gideon, author of two books and the writer behind this blog. Here I share my thoughts on life, writing, creativity and productivity. This page will give you a heads up on what you’d see here.

But not before I tell you a titbit about Myself.

Born and raised in Nigeria, I am a writer, public speaker and an entrepreneur.

I believe we all have a message to share. Something we believe need to tell the world and thus make an impact on the lives of people.

I’ve written since I know myself but only took to blogging seriously recently.

I find myself writing on Writing, Creativity and productivity.


Each week I write on any of the broad themes I mentioned earlier or a blend of them in a bid to answer these questions:

Who am I?

What’s my message?

How do I spread my message?

How do I get people to listen to me?

What can writing do for my message?

How do I improve my writing everyday?

How do I literally do more everyday?

What can I do to improve on my creativity level?

And others . . . .

The thing I found is I’m not the only one looking for answers to these questions (chances are you are too). There is a community of people out there who want to know and spread their messages through writing while staying creative and optimally productive. So if you are one, you’re welcome.

This is a place for you!

Posts for you! 

You can start with these five posts

Why don’t you say hi

You can always easily reach me just fill the form below

I love hearing your views.


You can connect with me by:

Following Amoson writes on Facebook @amosonwrites

And following @amosgideon14 on Twitter

Now continue to read the Blog.


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