5 Ways Reading Makes You A Better Writer 

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” – Stephen King .

Reading should be a habit for everyone as it improves upon your knowledge base and equips you with fresh ideas.

But beyond the normal reading requirement, Writers specifically need to read every day.

This is because reading makes you a better Writer.

In today’s post I’ll explain to you 5 specific ways this takes place.

1. Reading Helps End Writer’s Block – Letting you get Back to Writing. Every writer is familiar with Writer’s block. It literally stops your creative juices from flowing and leaves you unable to write. But reading is usually a quick fix for this as it refreshes and refines your thoughts bringing fresh ideas along.

2. Reading Helps You Explore Diverse Writing Style. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction; poetry or prose, reading helps you see and experience various other genres of writing. This widens your creative horizon and makes your writing richer.

3. Reading Helps Increase Knowledge of Writing Structure. Writing is a technical craft and involves a lot of structure. It is no wonder that people take long to really learn to write well. Reading reduces this learning curve by showing you more and more of these structures daily.

4. Reading Helps Writing by Expanding Your Knowledge of the World – Giving you Contextual Relevance. Aside from research purposes, writers usually write from their wealth of knowledge. Simply put, we write what we know.   Reading helps you know more, meaning you write in better context and on a better relevance level.

5. Reading Improves Your Vocabulary. Lastly, in writing word choice is everything and reading helps  enrich our diction. You know more, better suited and relevant words through reading. And the better your ability to choose the right words and context, the better your communication. What else does good writing mean?

Ending Notes

With such enormous benefits amounting to reading, you as a writer must see it as a compulsory activity.

You cannot not read as a writer (sorry for the double negative).

Call to Action

However, knowing what enormous benefits reading has for writers is not enough, you must decide to incorporate it into your daily life. You can start by reading this post on developing the reading habit.


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