Creativity: 3 Harsh Truths Every Budding Artist Should Know

Inasmuch as artists want the ride to be rosy and easy, it isn’t. At least not always. Dreams fall short of reality and bumps on the road heighten. This is worsened when you don’t know about these bumps. It leads to a lot of pitfalls. 

To avoid these bumps, there are some harsh truths which every artist should know. 

1. Practice doesn’t make perfect 

We’ve all heard it. The magic that happens when we continuously practice. That we reach perfection. That we produce flawless art. Nothing is farther away from the truth. Although practice could lead to routines, learning never ends. If anything learning restarts once you finish one piece and head to the next. This however shouldn’t deter you from practicing. It is in finishing that we create worthwhile art. 

2. Creativity involves work

Producing great art is hard. Yeah I know and so should you. Actually producing anything worthwhile is hard. It involves significant work. For instance to write a single article you need to pass through lots of steps. Ideation, research, drafting, editing and publishing. Every artist especially the up and coming one should know this. 

3. You will be criticized 

Feedback is the backbone of great art. You get better by paying attention to what people are saying about your art. But this becomes a problem for many artists when it comes in the form of negative feedback. Criticism. Truth be told, as a budding artist have it in mind that you will definitely face criticism. 

Ending Notes

It is true that while you are practicing your creativity, you’d be faced with the challenge of perfectionism along with the burden of real work that is involved while enduring criticism from others. 

The thing is now you know these truths so when they come (they surely will) you’re ready for them. You won’t be thrown agast because of them. 


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