7 Epic Reasons you Should Write Every day 

Ever since I fell in love with the written word and started writing, I’ve always enjoyed the art. But to be completely honest with you I didn’t just continue in the love affair with writing because I enjoyed it, there are some awesome reasons why I still write.

Today I share with you 7 of these reasons and why I believe you should too. 

1. Writing helps clarify your thoughts.

Everyone craves order and certainly. A relief for clutter and a way out of chaos. This is exactly what writing does to your thoughts. It distills them into meaningful pieces of life. Put simply, writing helps you understand yourself from within extending far and wide without. It helps you see more clearly what those mind snippets you have actually mean.

Want to really know what’s going on in your head? Start writing today and now!

2. Writing improves your communication

Right from the onset at birth, and through all the growth years, humans endeavor to speak, be heard and understood. This is because communication is the connecting rod that binds people together. Unfortunately, humans can’t normally communicate via their thoughts and as such need to voice out what’s in their heads. Writing helps codify those thoughts making them clearer and more actionable. This is the singular reason why fiction writers are usually great descriptors. They paint the right images in the minds of their listeners (readers as the car may be). This tallies with the main is aim of all communication which is to speak, be heard, listen, understand, be understood and act appropriately.

So if want to develop your communication skills, writing is a good place to start.

3. Writing boosts your confidence.

Total belief in yourself and your ability while leaving no room for doubt of any kind is confidence. Writing helps you understand yourself better by creating an avenue to know your strengths and lean towards them while also exposing your weaknesses so that you can make amends. This helps you take courageous leaps knowing that you can do it. Your level of confidence thus increases your chances of success dramatically. Therefore, you need a constant reminder of what an awesome person you are and of what great things you can do, write everyday.

4. Writing helps you impact others

You have a message, something you are willing to tell the whole world. You desire to see a positive change in the lives of others. Writing helps you spread that message of change. In the same way that you are impacted by books you read will you also impact on the lives of others. Writing will help you influence others. It will give you the voice to tell your story with authority.

5. Writing helps you relax

Aside helping relief you of chaos and clutter, writing can help you escape from them. When you’re gone deep into the world you’re creating it leaves you relaxed and refreshed. This state of quietude helps literally calm your nerves down. Relaxation is good for your health and writing is a relaxing activity. So if your goal is easiness and tranquility, you can always count on writing to get you there.

6. Writing exercises your creative muscles

You’re Creative (that’s not up for debate), and just as you have physical muscles you also have creative muscles which can get dulled over time. To always be at your creative best with free flowing creative juices through your creative muscles, you need to exercise them. Writing is one of such exercises. Writing is to creative muscles as gym exercises are to the physical muscles. So, if you ever want to be creatively fit always (flooding with creative ideas) then you’ve got to write.

7. Writing helps you write better

Whether to garner influence or as a tool for efficient and effective communication, writing always like every other activity gets better with practice. The more you write, the more you’d understand what it is. Although when it comes to writing not all quantity leads quality, there’s still that improvement and growth as you write more consistently. It’s quite ironical that to learn to write you need to write and write and write and write and write.

Ending Notes

Writing is an awesome activity that rewards abundantly. It gives you clarity, boosts your confidence, increases your influence, improve your communication while exercising your creative muscles in quietude. I love this craft and so should you.

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One thought on “7 Epic Reasons you Should Write Every day 

  1. Philip J. November 7, 2017 / 9:05 am

    hey man, love how much work you put into these posts..they’re pretty cool. I write about similar stuff…would appreciate if you would have a look at my blog too!

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