You’re Creative. Start Creating Now

Everywhere around the world people are creating.

Their methods and expressions vary just as their products do. From the carpenters to the writers and the singers, people are using various creative expressions to create. 

The unifying thing is that they all create. 

This has led a lot of people to define creativity in different ways. But for the sake of clarity. What is this creativity?

What is Creativity? 

Merriam Webster dictionary defines creativity as:

the ability to make new things or think of new ideas”

It could be doing things in a new way or doing entirely new things. 

Creativity is not racist. It doesn’t lie with a select few. Neither does it care whether you are black or white, Caucasian or Mongolian.

As long as you can think (which all sane humans can) you are creative. 

Everyone is creative. 

Yes, you are creative. 

The Difference 

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.” – Maya Angelou 

The only difference in creativity exists due to patronage. The more you use creativity in solving problems, the more of it you have. This is because it doesn’t exist as a stock that can be used up. 

Yes, some people could be talented in various creative expressions than everyone. This is why we have best painters, bestselling authors, amongst other highly skilled people. But exercising the creative expressions themselves are open to anyone and everyone. 

Anyone who wants to be a writer, painter, singer or sculptor can be. It is not an innate skill. It is only the ability to use creativity that is innate. 
Ending Notes

Don’t let anyone deceive you, you are creative. You were born creative and can use creativity in your everyday life. 

All that matters is to start. 

So whether you want to be a writer, singer, painter, sculptor or any other creative person, you can do it. Just start today and now. 


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