​Nine Plus one Attributes You Need to Succeed Today

To unlock any door you must have its key. You must possess the required skills before you can effectively function at any job. So also with success, to attain true success you must know and imbibe some mindset elements.

Today I shall tell you about ten of them.

1. You Must define Success and Happiness

We’re in a world where everyone is in pursuit of happiness and believes that success is the right way to it. This is true but to really be success and happy, you must decide what they mean to you.

2. You must evolve

After deciding what success and happiness look like for you, it is possible that you have recognized areas of your life where you need to make amends. The truth is you usually fail at implementing those changes and the reason is not far off – instead of accepting that they need to improve, they’d rather fail. This is the reason evolution is painful. You just have to endure the pain, embrace you shortcomings and evolve.

3. You must face your obstacles

Instead of running away from problems that block your way, solve the problems and you’ll get stronger and better than you ever were. Actually obstacles should spur you to put in more effort towards the achievement of your set goals (success). You must prevail over and not run away from them. You must persist. In the words of Ryan Holiday

“Within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.”

So grab that opportunity today.

4. You must be more than willing

No matter how strong your willingness is to do anything, it takes much more than that to get it done. Willingness is easily found everywhere with anyone but the problem is committing to the task and seeing it to the end. Don’t allow the natural depletion that comes upon your willpower after prolonged use to affect your success instead instill the commitment attribute and you’ll have a better chance at success.

5. You must be consistent

Consistent walk towards your goal (no matter the size of your pace), is better than one time leaps. Leaps drain and overwhelm you, leaving you far from success. It is always better to walk goal wards at small but consistent steps than to concentrate on giant leaps. Bruce Lee says it better:

“Long-term consistency beats short-term intensity.”

6. You must make the sacrifice

You can keep improving if you are willing to make the required sacrifice. If you are going to succeed in your chosen field, you must pay the price. Many people want success but fail to sacrifice anything for it. They think success will chase them alas they are wrong. You can only reach the zenith when you’ve paid the price. So recognize the price and pay it today.

7. You must reject some opportunities

To really grow successful, you must continually say No to many projects to concentrate on the select few and make better impact. You cannot be everything at the same time. You cannot do everything simultaneously. You must be streamlined towards a single (or few) goals. Only this can improve your shot at success.

8. You must improve your perception

Perception drives everything else. If you look rightly, think rightly, speak rightly and act rightly, all the ripe apples will fall for you from the tree. Success is actually a result of imbibing the right attitude. This same attitude is the determinant of altitude. To go higher,you must embrace a better attitude and employ it daily.

9. You must learn everyday

True success is a function of growth and the easiest way to grow is to incorporate learning into your daily routine. Reading is the cheapest way to learn I’ve found over the past year. I stay top of my game by reading daily. Read daily and you’d understand what I’m talking about. It increases your growth rate geometrically and thus betters your chance at succeeding.

10. You must be punctual

Punctuality and regularity was the motto of an organisation I know some years ago. Everyday their chief executive keeps on preaching this and the result is a group of staff who are dedicated towards meeting this target. Indeed if you are punctual – always on time and place and regular, you would succeed all the more in today’s world.


Growth, improvement and success do require a ton lot from us. It’s never a rosy way along the path that leads to success. You must work while you walk along it getting better daily.

How else do I close this article but by quoting the great inventor Thomas Edison who said:

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”

Don’t miss your opportunity!


What other attributes necessary for success do you know? Tell us by leaving a comment.


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