What Writing Truly Entails 

Tons of people today especially aspiring writers are constantly on the lookout for what works as regards the writing craft. They seek what they should do to become writers. What writing truly entails.  

Although I believe it is easier to be a writer today than it was yesterday, I strongly believe that this should not be a big issue. 

As long as I am concerned, writing entails only two things. 

Sitting down and

Just writing.

Every other thing is secondary and can easily be incorporated along the way with time.

Sitting Down 

To write you need to first sit. Sitting signifies concentration – a pushing away of all distractions. 

To write you also need to first think. This thinking is best done when you are free from distractions. 

It involves networking ideas. In fact, writing is nothing more than connecting. To create these connections you need to get settled. 

These are the reason for which you need sitting down as the first step in your writing. 

Just Writing 

When you’ve achieved the discipline needed to write by sitting down, you can then begin to write. 

As I mentioned earlier all you need to do is to create connections – to network ideas. 

After this a session or two of rewriting and your piece is done. You are a writer. 

Ending Notes 

As you have read, the hard part is developing the discipline of sitting down and thinking up connections amongst ideas. Writing flows afterwards. 

Now you know what writing truly entails. No, its not joining a writers’ group, studying creative writing or any other thing just developing the discipl


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