How to Convert Your Goals into Results 

For a very long time I’d been a victim to failed goals. I’d set them and work tirelessly towards them but while I get to have a few wins most times I lose out. 

For instance I’ve lost out on my daily writing targets severally.

One thing I failed to understand is that goals don’t just morphe into results. Targets don’t just magically hit themselves. There is a translation from one to another. One must lead to the other with their components.  

In fact, Goals and results don’t speak the same language. They belong to two different countries. 

To operate at your best success level, you need to know how to move from goals to results. 

and to translate one to another you’ve got to understand both. 

The ideas, thoughts and actions you exhibit at any given period is your language for it. Your expressions them. communicating your preference. 

The language of goals and results differ in many ways like. Below are some of the differences in the languages.

1. Goals speak the visionary language – what I want to see, have.  . . . While Results speak the language of I’ve seen – here is 

2. Goals call for work while Results call for rewards

3. Goals use rests (breaks) while Results use relaxation times

4. Goals live in a country called planning while Results lives on an island called achieving.

5. The only way to reach Result’s island is by going to goal’s country – planning and boarding a small ship there.

Ending Notes 

All goals are expected to yield positive results. But as you have Re read in this post, they are not same and must be treated differently. Only people who know how to translate the elements of their goals into those of reality.b


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