Don’t wait for Permission (Do this Instead) 

The hurdles on the path of a creative person who wants to pursue a career in her craft used to be boundless. First you’d need to be an apprentice under a master where you learn the basics of the craft after which you’re allowed to set out on your own.

Then came publishing houses and agents who owned the publishing world. At that time the value of your work was defined by the preference of these gatekeepers. They decided what gets published so the audience get to know you (the author) only if they approve of your work.

Today that era is fast going away and although it hasn’t and wouldn’t go into extinction anytime soon (publishing agents and companies along with traditional publishing are still in demand), self-publishing has come to stay. Writers today can easily connect with their audience with little or no interference. Push button publishing services such as blogging has also given writers the platform to get their voices heard beyond the noise of the world.

However, many writers are still lagging behind waiting for the traditional publishers to come and pick them.

But should this be so? In the light of these changing tides I’d advice you to do what many successful creatives do today. Don’t wait for permission before you launch out. Pick yourself.

The moment you start out your art gets an audience.

Wait, what? No, way you can’t get an audience that easily. If not many would have done that already and there won’t be blogs with no readers. So what else do you need to do

What to do

Listen for resonance.

While you navigate your way along the path, you’d need to know what your audience resonates with.

This is the single most important thing you need to do. But how do you do that? How do know what your audience like?

Humans are irritable beings. We respond to everything that we come across. Feedback in form of comments are usually great indicators. However, care must be taken to prevent writing for an audience alone without pleasing yourself.

You should look for the point where your greatest joy meets the world’s deepest needs.

Ending Notes 

The ease of entry into the writer’s world alone shouldn’t be your motivation for starting out. Although I recommend you to pick yourself, I also recommend you listen in for resonance. For without an audience your art loses its purpose.

Pick yourself now, go start that blog, or write that book and begin listening for resonance today


In what ways do you need to listen for resonance in your writing? Leave a comment


One thought on “Don’t wait for Permission (Do this Instead) 

  1. misal July 26, 2017 / 12:00 am

    hey…this is great

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