One Stealth Way You are Wasting Time (And What to do About it) 

Spilled Milk via Amoson Writes
Photo Credit: roxiekl Flickr via Compfight cc

We all want to do all we need to do. Optimising time usage is a craving for everyone but most people are not happy with how they use their daily 24 hours. There’s always this feeling of regret and bitterness over time wasted.

You hear it all the time, “oh how I wish I had more time everyday.” The thing is we are only dealt with 24 hours daily and there’s no known way to get more hours.

Today’s world doesn’t help matters at all as the average person has more to do than his counterparts many years ago. Our task lists are brim full and often times we’re overwhelmed as the tasks flood our abilities to do them.

To make matters worse there is one usually unnoticed way that we keep on wasting time everyday and today I shall tell you about it and what to do to avoid the pitfall. But first let me tell you this story.

A couple of years ago I had a roommate who was always running late. He was late to every event from classes to parties.

He tried so many ways to beat time including setting alarms and forwarding his wrist watch’s time but all to no avail.

Unfortunately, it got to a point where he accepted lateness as his fate and stopped trying to beat time. He was literally frustrated out of the battle against time.

But as you might have expected, he always complained about how he wastes time. And alas, recently I realised that was the problem, he was wasting more time complaining about wasted time leading to an endless cycle of time wastage.

Many of us are like that too we easily lose time to distractions and then continuously waste more time lamenting the lose. Nothing is more useless – it is same as crying over spilled milk which is irredeemable.

So instead of crying over lost time here’s what you should do next time you catch yourself running late or even losing time.

1. Admit your failure to keep to time. This is a very important step as it stops you from justifying it. It is only he who is ready to admit his mistakes that is fit to correct them.

2. Adjust to prevent such time loss again by promising yourself never to fall for that time-wasting activity (lamentation) again. This puts you in the right direction to forge ahead.

3. Forge Ahead. Don’t just admit and promise to adjust really adjust by moving to the next task immediately. This helps match your words with action making it more than just mere intentions.

Ending Notes 

Crying over wasted time is an easy trap to fall in but unlike my former roommate you now know what to do about it. So stop crying over spilled milk and move ahead to your next task. This is the only way you get to end your day with more finished tasks.

What’s your experience with time wasting activities? I want to hear it in the comments.


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