Five Amazing Benefits of Practicing Creativity 

Everywhere you go you find people who are using their creative muscles to come up with life solutions.

The manner in which they package and deliver those solutions doesn’t matter. They could be in the form of books from writers, speeches from speakers, songs from musicians and lots of other artistic expressions. Today these expressions have taken over the world leaving its users with amazing benefits.

1. Earn Money: everywhere around the world, there is nothing that pays more than creative work. Personally I’ve earned from my bouquet of services (writing, editing and speaking). This is not limited to me or anyone anywhere as I’ve heard and witnessed several success stories about people earning from creative work. If anything practicing creativity pays the bills!

2. Get Better: as a writer and public speaker, there’s nothing I treasure more than getting better at my craft. Practicing creativity puts me in a situation where I must do better everyday. Although this has left me with reading schedules more than that of the average person, taking of courses and participating in intellectual discourses, I’m not drained of the zeal to clamour for more knowledge because that’s what drives the creative world. If you want to get better everyday simply practice your creative expression.

3. Gain Influence: aside earning money nothing else drives humans like the urge to amass influence; to be known as an expert; to hold authority in a given field. And there’s no short cut to gaining influence like practicing creativity. This is why writers own the book world because they’ve stamped their names on the grounds of the industry. Want to gain more influence? Practice your creative expression.

3. Make Impact: all over all, the main reason why we creative people practice is to communicate some message to our audience; to bring about change of some kind; to make impact. Artists are the best when it comes to making impact. Remember how you felt the last time you were at an art gallery or a similar place? Well, the artists’ messages strike up feelings in you. This too is a benefit of practicing creativity – Doing creative work.

4. Feel Fulfilled: lack of self-motivation, depression and unhappiness can easily be caused when feel unfulfilled. You feel like you’re nothing. Practicing your creative expression takes that away as it gives you the motivation to do more everyday. A person who is happily going after new creative challenges daily won’t suffer from depression. Want to stay motivated always? Pursue your creative expression and practice it daily.

5.  Leave a Legacy: I believe you’ve heard of Picasso and Yeats and Hemingway and lots of other Creative people who have written their names on the sands of time. Our fathers enjoyed their works, we are enjoying their works today and our children will tomorrow. If you too want to leave indelible footprints on this planet your best shot is creative work. This is the last benefit which outlives the creative person. If you aren’t interested in any of the other benefits this must interest you.

Ending Notes

Practicing creativity has been and will continue to be the dominant force that moves the world. It always rewards in money, influence, impact, fulfilment and even gives you a legacy to leave behind. You can’t afford to miss out on these benefits. Start practicing creativity today!


What’s your creative expression and how have you been benefiting from it?

Tell us by leaving a comment.

These people enjoy some amazing benefits resulting from practicing creativity.


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