How To Express Your Message 

Note: This post is closely tied up with another titled, “You Have a Message.” If you haven’t read it yet, please read it first before proceeding to read this one. 

It’s not up for debate that everyone has a message.
It’s your story.

It’s something you’re so passionate about that they are willing to tell the world.

It’s your life purpose.

But while it is easy to affirm this truth, the question of how exactly should one express his/her message isn’t.

First you need to understand that how each person expresses their messages differs. However, the end goal is expression.

The channel through which someone expresses their message is their voice.

It is the media through which your stories get told. Yes, your voice is what you use to say your story. Simply put, it is what communicates your message.

Your voice is what your message pops up in your conversations (both online and offline).

Like I said earlier it differs from person to person. Some use music, others painting and yet others writing among other artistic expressions.

What you use doesn’t matter. All that matters is that your voice gets to express your message. That your story gets told.

Remember when you posted that thing on social media and felt liberated? Well, that’s your voice channelling your message out. The post content was your message and the post – your voice!

Another instance is this article you’re reading. I strongly believe that you’ve got a message and that it’s time you recognize it to express it better. My message is that you’ve got a message and my medium is writing.

One special thing about our messages is that although they could be prospering causes others care about, our voices in expressing them are unique. So it’s best to hone your own voice. Afterall, our stories are best told by us. Right?

Ending Notes 

Nobody else is better qualified to tell them like we who live them. Tell your stories yourself today and now!

What are you still waiting for? The world is waiting to hear from you in your unique voice!


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