You Have a Message and it’s Time to Find it

Everywhere around the world, leaders, preachers, writers, speakers and other artists share causes they care about. 

They are so passionate about such that they dedicate major portions of their creations to them. Basing policies and programs, preach it to everyone they meet, write books about them, sing songs concerning such and expressing their concern through all their respective artistic expressions.

But are they the only ones who have such causes? Or do others also have such messages which they need to spread?

No, not at all. In fact, everyone has a message.

Yes, everyone (and that includes you) has a personal message.

Something you’re willing to tell the world about; something you desire to see in the lives of people daily.

Your message is something you’re willing to tell the whole world about without getting tired or worn out! 

What it is doesn’t matter. It could be: the promotion of peace and harmony, promotion of gender equality, fighting against child abuse, or any other thing you’re passionate about.

These are things you have a personal connection with. You can’t do without them.

Everyone has such a message.

It is what dominates your conversations. It’s your story’s main plotline.

Simply put, it is you. Your personality. Everything about you is an embodiment of your message. The passion bleeds through your actions knowing no limits.

Take for instance, yours truly, I’m passionate about helping people find their messages and making impact on the world. If you have paid attention to my writing they’ve all been centred around it.

Ending Notes 

You have a message. It is your everyday life passion or better yet it is you. Prospering it is your purpose thus finding it is the very first step towards making the impact you are meant to do.

Below is an activity to help you find your message.


Consider your life for the past three months. What has been dominant in your interactions?

What have you always tweeted about, posted on Facebook, spoke to people about or even often stumbled upon while reading?

Write down the common themes and begin to watch them.

They could be pointing you to your message.


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