Five Potent​ Weapons For Fighting Creativity Killers

Some weeks ago I wrote a post about some dangerous creativity killers. In it I described the way they attack our creative muscles. I then promised to write a sequel to that post which would discuss how to defeat those creativity muscles dulling things. Well, here we are – this is the sequel.

First off, our creative muscles are very important to us. They serve as the birthplace of all our ideas and plan out how to execute them. For this reason they are potent problem-solving tools aiding in keeping our life balanced. But these creativity killers rob us of that potent weapon and so we need a way to avoid them and fight them off when they get to attack.

Without wasting your time, here are five things you can and should do to avoid and control the invasion of creativity killers everyday.

1. Exercise Your Creative Muscles daily. This ensures that they are fit and sharp for work. If you don’t exercise your creative muscles daily, you shouldn’t expect them to perform at peak. Do yourself a favor exercise them.  (click to read post about how to exercise your creative muscles daily).

2. Flee from Negative Environments. This is the only way you can stay creativity active. Negative environment literally negates you creative initiative. It could range from a noisy place to being around pessimistic people. Such an environment would suck up your creativity. Run for your life!

3. Tackle Procrastination. This would be hard but equally or even more rewarding. A good tip to tackling procrastination and multitasking is scheduling. You should also ask yourself this question when you feel like procrastinating on any task – if not now then when?

4. Be consistent. This has nothing to do with increased productivity but in as much as you do your creative tasks consistently (no matter the frequency), you’re going to fend off all creativity killers. They are always on the lookout for people who do that only once in a while.

5. Believe in Yourself. If you believe that there’s nothing you can’t do and that impossibility is relative. Then no amount of self-doubt, fear or perfectionism can stop you from creating. Indeed your creative muscles listen to your own narrative. Tell them what you would stir them to act like you want them to. Believe!

Ending Notes

These five tips would help you improve your defence against creativity killers and thus prevent attacks to your creative muscles. Make them a part of your daily life and you’d surely see more creative strength exhibited from within you. Yes, you’ve got more than you’re using explore it!

What other ways can you prevent and control creativity killers? Tell us by leaving a comment.


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