Self-care: Your Untapped Productivity Booster 

Everyday I’m on the lookout for better ways to boost my productivity. I’m always testing new strategies – sticking to what works and dumping what doesn’t. All I want is to do more and get better. This is part of the reason why I have this column – to share what I’ve found to be working. 

Today, I’ll also share yet another one with you. 
It’s Self-care! 

Come to think of it – your body is the machinery through which all your other acts are expressed. You literally use your body to do everything you do. If you don’t take care of yourself then it won’t be able to do what you need it to do. 

To boost your productivity, you’ve got to make sure you are in good shape. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that. The question is how do you take ample care of yourself? 

First off there are so many aspects of self-care and it’s important to know which ones are vital to your productiveness. For me these include the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual spheres.

To ensure that these spheres are all in the best shape and thus set you up for the best productivity possible, here are five things I recommend 

1. Eat, Rest and Exercise Well. What you eat literally converts to the energy you need to work this means you’d do well to eat well. Rest and exercise have proven effective in relaxation, revitalization and strengthening of our body which is good for work thus they are needful for optimal productiveness. 

2. Read Everyday. This fills you up with enough intellectual skills to tackle your everyday life challenges. It is also a good tool in ideation which I believe is the first step towards problem-solving. It’s not up for debate develop a daily reading habit – it can change your life.

3. Relate with People. This is important first because it links you up with others who are important to actualization of your life goals and because it helps you relax. Socializing and networking would make you a better person thus more productive. Do relate with people. Don’t be an island. 

4. Practice creative exercises. These include brainstorming and free writing. They help in clarifying the task at hand and thus improve focus. Creative exercises puts us in the best mental frame to work this way they contribute to increasing our output. 

5. Observe God-devotion. We all believe in the Devine. This belief helps us draw support for our strength (both physical and mental). In this singular manner it helps boost our productivity. 
Ending Notes 

These five tips would improve your self-care and thus set you up for improved productivity. Integrate them into your daily routine and you’d surely see improvement in your productive capabilities. 

Question: what other ways of improving self-care do you know and use? Tell us by leaving a comment. 


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