The Importance of a Daily Writing Habit (And how to develop one) 

Writers write. It is the only way through which we birth pieces. The thing is for most writers, the development cycle is so slow and although it is not a very bad thing what harm is there in developing fast? The thing is to develop in the craft of writing like any other craft requires practice; consistent practice. To this end it is very important for the budding writer to write regularly. 

Writing daily pushes you through the development curve a little bit faster. It also helps you become a better writer in shorter time. Knowing this I encourage every writer to write daily or at least on a fairly frequent basis. This makes it easier to develop writing as a habit and you know habits stick right? 

So come-on let me show you exactly how you can develop a daily writing habit. 

Firstly you must decide a specific time to write daily. It could be first thing in the morning, last thing at night or anywhere in between. It doesn’t matter when you choose to set aside for your writing daily. Just have one and make it sacred. This is important because after a few days you’d feel the urge to write whenever that time is come. 

Next, you must set aside a place where you’d write daily. Just like the specific time, this also instils a writing sensitivity in you whenever you are at that place. The place should be comfortable with little or no distractions. I write in no internet rooms. Now you get a picture of what I mean. It should also be ergonomic. 

Finally, apart from the specific time and place you set for writing daily, you need to keep a journal of all the spikes of ideas that come to you during the day. Remember, ideation is the first step in writing. This journal would give you an endless well of writing ideas. It is an inspiration list. 

What next? 

Now you know the importance of a daily writing habit and how you can easily develop one. All you need is to get a place and time to write daily while capturing all the ideas that come to you during the day in a journal. When you miss a day of writing don’t beat yourself just work on writing the following day. This way you’d build a daily writing discipline. Now what’s next than to go and do just it. Remember, one action is better than tons of intentions. 

Question: what’s your experience with writing daily? Tell us by leaving a comment. 


2 thoughts on “The Importance of a Daily Writing Habit (And how to develop one) 

    • Amos Gideon Buba March 14, 2017 / 3:29 am

      Journaling is a step in the right direction. Writing daily would enable you get better at writing sooner than it would have taken you otherwise. Happy Writing!

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