Harnessing the Power of Small Actions 

“Little by little, the bird builds its nest.”

                                                        – French Proverb

Consider a bird building a nest. It picks straw to the nest construction site in small quantities. Going fort and back until it gathers enough. Even at such pace, you’d notice that at dusk, the bird stops for the day going to rest and continue the following day. This it continues to do until the nest is built. All little by little.
With this in mind, the French proverb I quoted above becomes clearer.
The pace doesn’t matter as long as the nest is built. We too can apply such a powerful process to our goals.
I know you’re thinking, “how can I do that?” well, I’ve got you covered, just read on as I tell you about a process through which you too can take advantage of the little by little method towards your goals.
First you must decide what your goals are then break them into bits and finally consistently work on them. Sounds like a plan right?
Wait, I’ll tell you exactly what to do at each of these steps and even more.

Step 1 The Choice Stage

You cannot achieve everything at the same time this is because you’re limited in time and other resources. This means it is best to choose a number of goals to work on at a given time instead of working on everything at the same time. This would only get you overwhelmed, kill your problem-solving prowess and hence make you an ultimate failure. After choosing the specific goals to work on, it is easy that your calendar is stuffed up. To handle this you need to decide what comes first and next. You must prioritise. The activities of this stage would remove all clutter and give you a clear goal oriented direction.

Step 2 The Goal division Stage

Whether you goal is to read 10 books in a month, loose weight or anything in between, you must break it down into small pieces for specific daily targets. See your targets as your daily dose of work towards the attainment of the goals. How you divide your goals doesn’t matter. They should be in small chewable bits like the pieces of straw carried by the bird easily achieveable. The aim is to protect you from getting flooded and thus drain your ability to work on the goals. So break your goals into small pieces which you can work on and achieve on a consistent basis towards the achievement of the ultimate goal(s). For example, in November last year I had the goal of reading 10 books, so I broke it into 25 pages daily.

Step 3. The Consistent Goal work Stage

You must have heard that, “consistency is king!” well it is true, for neither choosing to go after only essential goals nor dividing them into small actionable bits would do the magic. You need to show up daily to work on the daily targets you’ve set. You must literally do them. Nothing beats actually doing the work to goal attainment. This would mean crossing off daily tasks from your task list. Consistently doing this would lead to piles of attained tasks and the achievement of the goal at last. After this you’d have hit your targets, like the nest building bird you’d have built your nest. You will succeed. So be consistent!

Step 4. The Celebration Stage

When you’ve stayed focused working consistently on your goal for some time and succeeded at it, you need to go and celebrate the win. Reward yourself. I take myself out for a special lunch or buy myself a new shirt to celebrate goal attainment. Don’t neglect such seemingly small gestures they serve as great source of motivation to do more. Celebrating your wins also gives you something else to look forward to aside the goal itself. I promise myself gifts for completing tasks and it works everytime in motivating me to speedily working on them.

Step 5. The continuity Stage

After working on your goals to completion. You have succeeded and like I stressed in the celebration stage, go and celebrate it. However, that is not where the story ends. You need to succeed daily in order to attain victory. Consistently succeeding at your goals make you a victory. So after the victory party is over, get back to work. A break after success is not bad. Just remember to get back to work on the next set of goals on time. A 24 hour reset (click to read about it) is usually good enough.
Ending notes

As you have read, it’s just a matter of choice, working in bits, consistency and adequate celebration is what you need to hit your targets from daily to life goals.
Now go and practice same. Hit those targets!
But before that, let me know what you think by leaving a comment.
Happy goal attainment!


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