Do Yourself A Favor – Take Responsibility 

There are days when you plan and even work towards a goal but end up failing. Plans fail and targets go beyond your reach. On such days, it is how you respond to these failures that determines whether or not you succeed at the end. 
However, most people usually resign to fate and give up pursuit of any goal which their plans failed. The question is are you among them? 

There is something powerful about your reaction towards any circumstance, it makes or Mars your chances of beating your targets and ultimately winning. Your reaction says a lot about whether or not you’d succeed after all has been said and done. This is why this post exist – to show you what reaction you need to employ when things Don’t turn out as you planned then to. 

This reaction is that of taking responsibility. 

Whether things work out or not is not a function of external factors. You make your decisions and just as you’re ready to take credit for their success, so must you be ready to accept failure. To embrace the results that accompany your plans and actions. 

Accepting failure doesn’t mean resigning to fate, neither does it mean giving up on achieving your goals. It means taking responsibility for how your actions turned out. Remember, it is our actions that birth our life’s activities. Everything you do begins in the mind, is translated through action and births success or failure. Embracing your failures and taking responsibility would help you grow consistent in using a working formula or in moving on to use another formula. 

Blaming external factors won’t do you any good as it doesn’t create a roadmap for trying again everytime your formula fails until it finally succeeds. 

What next? 
You don’t get better by getting bitter. When something doesn’t work out for you, the best approach is to forge ahead and try again. There’s no value in blame games embrace your results – take responsibility. 

The moment you fail to take responsibility for the outcomes that follow the actions you took, your shot at succeeding goes farther away from your reach. 

Do yourself a favor – Take responsibility today! 

Question: what’s been your experience with taking responsibility? Tell us in the comments section below. 

I love hearing your views. 


One thought on “Do Yourself A Favor – Take Responsibility 

  1. exceptionalstar March 3, 2017 / 7:50 pm

    Taking responsibility is really doing self a favour indeed. Of what use is it to cry over spilled milk.

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