​Ten (10) Smart ways to stay awake and work without coffee

Due to the high level of productivity required of humans nowadays, work at night and it’s normal after a long hot day with work and other responsibilities getting your attention. You get tired and look to caffeine containing foods like coffee. This is a good post for the night owls who work well at night. You don’t need to take coffee anymore!

As the title of the post suggests this is going to be a list of ten (10) easy and highly practicable tips, tricks, hacks and methods through which you can stay awake at night and work well without taking any form of caffeine.

The ten tips to staying awake without coffee

1. Eat well – a hungry person will find sleeping a better option to working but so will an overly fed one. Make sure you eat enough to be able to pull through.

2. Rest well – you can’t spend your whole day gallivanting/meandering from one corner to another and still expect to study well at night without dozing off. Find time to rest especially during the afternoon it helps keep you fresh.

3. Work in a good work environment – the place where you study can encourage sleep. Your work space should be ergonomic. 

4. Stay as calm as possible – even if you’ve got lots of work (an undone assignment deadline slated for the next day), try your best to keep your nerves calm because when you begin to worry you stop achieving anything.

5. Take refresher breaks – take some time off your work files while working. Listen to some relaxing music. This helps refresh your brain and keep you charged.

6. Go on a walk – when you finally start getting tired, go on a walk this will awaken your body system and they should be back up in no time.

7. Fend off distractions – when there is no distraction in the room, you tend to work easier and sleep free too!

8. Use short and smart cuts – make your work more interesting by incorporating short and smart cuts into it. This would ensure you do more with less time. 

9. Prioritise – do your most pressing task first. Then fight against procrastinating the remaining. 

10. Go natural – drink water, scratch your head (you can even pull your hair), toss your ear lobes briskly, scrub the roof of your mouth with your tongue, wash your face and stretch often.


These ten simple tricks can help you easily stay awake and work without having to take coffee whose excessive use is proven to be bad for your health. They can also help you stay well focused during the day at work too. 

Question: what other ways of staying awake without taking any form of caffeine do you know? Please share by leaving a comment.


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