How to Concentrate on Writing one thing at a time 

Last week I’ve wrote about where I go to get  inspired to write. However, I’ve come to know that aside such moments when we lack inspiration, there is also another big problem many writers face daily. This is the problem of deciding what to write. 

Often times we have more than one thing for which we are itching to write. We have two or more ideas waiting to be penned down. 

For most writers, this leads to having countless work in progresses (WIPs). A situation where you leave what you are writing to concentrate on another which you also leave for another and so it goes endlessly. No task finished

For others it leads them to deviate from what they are initially writing and continue writing another while still at it. This is particularly common with writers who write strictly on a specific theme. 

For instance, you could be writing on the car security technology and end up making it an article on latest tracking technology.

While it is good for you to write widely, focusing on discussing only the topic at hand shows your professionalism. 

To solve this problem, you should develop the discipline of writing on one thing at a time. This you can do by:

1. Capturing all ideas for later use while concentrating on the topic you are currently writing about. Better still write it as a schedule item to be written down at a later time. This can be done using any of the calendar apps I wrote about some weeks ago. 

2. Rigorous Rewriting. It is for good reason that first drafts are called junk drafts. They contain so much that is not needed (especially points of deviation) and as such should be cut out during rewriting and editing. 

3. Using outlines. An outline would bring an extra touch of focus, order and direction for your articles. Outlines would break your pieces into sub sections and help you stay on topic. Always outline before writing. 

4. Use short sentences and paragraphs. It is when we try to go further in explaining things that we easily deviate from topic. Using short sentences and paragraphs would help you stay disciplined and not get lost. Don’t try to lengthen your pieces. 

Using these tips would ensure that you stay focused on writing only the topic at hand as against drifting abroad to other domains. 

What’s your take on these tips? Say your mind using the comments section below. 


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