Introducing Mr. Procrastinator a Renown Time thief

Hey there,

You have a task to accomplish, a goal to attain and or a mark to reach for which you estimated it would take three (3) long hours to achieve but rather surprisingly, it’s been five days now and you are yet to start that task. What’s stopping you?

Sounds familiar? There is a foe going tooth and nail against you attaining that goal. However, the problem is that you may not know who this enemy is. I know it’s not a good thing introducing people to foes but you’ve got to know this guy as this is the only way to beat him and it’s your best shot at achieving that goal. So as your buddy, I got his profile summary for you to see which I wrote below:

Mr. Procrastinator  a. k. a. ‘I will do it later’, CEO Procrastinators Group, ardent time thief, committed goal spoiler, dedicated leisure seeker, invented the ‘I will do it later syndrome’, specialises in manufacturing excuses and helping you put off tasks.  

This summary isn’t funny is it? (By the way I got hold of this when he came seeking to partner me in my business). I know you may want to see his resume but I think this summary is enough (at least for today’s post). As you can see his profile isn’t all that attractive but yet he has loads of gigs to finish as many people out are employing him (some are even looking to make him their permanent staff unwillingly though!). 

Enough of the jest! Mr Procrastinator is not a good guy and he can ruin your life pursuit goals. The good thing is that you now know him and since you know him you can refuse to employ him when he comes to you looking for a job (trust me he never has enough jobs).

As a rule for my posts, they all come with good news embedded in them. This is no exception. I will tell you just how to beat this guy in just a moment. Before this I would like to tell you what this guy does for people who employ him.

Mr. Procrastination’s services

He is a very versatile professional, highly talented that I’ve seen few people with his skill set with he offers the following three very broad services which he makes customised versions for each employer. 

Increased leisure time;

Provide ready excuse for putting off task;

Take away guilt of task put off.

Now you know what services he offers. Next I will tell you just how to put him off.

How to refuse Mr. Procrastinator’s offers

I told you he came and offered to partner me in my business which I refused but looking at his profile and knowing his wide array of services well sourced from his awesome skill set, I doubt if everyone can resist his offers. Trust me you can resist his offers just use any of the following as applicable.

Scheduing: read this post to know how and why to do it. 

Be focused: you can read about how to stay focused here

Be time conscious.


Mr. Procrastinator’s offers his services as a way of making things easier for us but in the long run he is just making them hard. He is not just an expert in cooking up excuses for doing things later but he is a well known goal spoiler and time thief as well, he can make that goal of yours forever unattainable. 

By the way he does not just offer his services to companies, corporate people, bloggers and writers but to every human being. This is just to let you know that you are his potential employer if you don’t refuse his offer. He can take you to a show during your study hours; he can make you put off an assignment till tomorrow, then next, then next and finally never. He is a bad dude. Trust me be cautious of his appearance because I heard he just bagged a PhD in cunning science (so he is sneakier now!).

Your buddy


I know you enjoyed the letter just don’t take it funny alone apply the methods any be free. 


What has been your experience with Mr. P? Tell us via the commenting form below.


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