What to do on days when you don’t feel like writing 

​Whether you’re just starting out or have been writing for a long time, there are always days when you want to do anything but writing. On such days you feel like beating yourself up. Writing productivity is lost and the creative muscles are dulled (at least for that moment). Well, I am an avid fan of staying productive (churn out great pieces) and such days are always nightmares. I feel awful on them. 

However, I have come to realize that writing is a portfolio of activities of which picking up the pen or typing your way on the keyboard is just one component. Therefore, on such days, I do other productive activities in order to maintain overall productivity levels. I turn to other components of the writing process. So, here are four things to do when you don’t feel like writing. 


Reading is a vital part of the writer’s life. It ensures you don’t write out of the same well of knowledge, creativity or perspective. It broadens your horizon and makes you a better writer. In his famous memoir – “On Writing. A memoir of the craft.” Stephen king describes reading as the creative centre of the writer’s life such that it creates ease and intimacy with the writing process. By refilling your pool of writing ideas reading aids your writing productivity. 


This is my favorite. I like brooding upon pieces I’ve previously written. As I explained some weeks ago rewriting is an integral part of writing. It shapes your pieces adding a touch of glitter to them. Make sure you rewrite all your pieces (vital). Read this post to know how you easily rewrite. Once again this is not writing but keeps you as a writer productive.


Whether for your next blog post, book or anything in between researching has proven to be a trusted technique through which writers produce factual pieces. I conduct quick research sessions mostly when I’m crunched on time but all in all consulting books, querying search engines and other research tools have always been a good way to stay productive when I don’t feel like writing. It refills your knowledgebase and also helps you write better. 

Take a break

This productivity hack very well works for writers. It’s been scientifically proven that taking breaks refreshes you bringing you back to your optimum level of productivity. So next time writing the next session of your book sounds like boring work, quietly take the day off. You’d  be surprised how writing hungry you would be when you come back the following day. Now this is not an excuse for you to laze away from your writing. A day is enough!

What next?

Now you know what I do when I don’t feel like writing to stay productive. You too can do same by reading, rewriting, researching and taking breaks on such days. These should knock your creative muscles into action and maintaining productivity levels.

What else do you do on a cloudy writing day? Let me hear your views in the comments.


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