Write like you speak? 

This is a subject of plenty debates among writers. Today I’d take my side.

Most writers take writing a very complicated process. They believe you need to sound and look serious when writing else your work wouldn’t be good enough.

While it is true that how you present your pieces determines how you are viewed, does it mean you must be formal?

At least not always!

Though I believe writing is a serious craft and that care should be taken when practicing it, I am of the view that it should be enjoyed. 

To me writing is like speaking. Speaking to you – a single person. This view simplifies the process for me as it takes off the pressure of pleasing a large audience whenever I write.

Aside that there are some other benefits I gain from writing like I speak. These are:

1. I eliminate loud words. My writing becomes more clearer as I take it as simple as talking. I end up with active pieces that are well personal and so relate to the reader. 

2. I communicate. With formal overly standardized writing I find out that the main aim for writing – communication is often defeated.

3. I get more readers. Nobody would come back to read stuff that isn’t interesting. So by making my writing easy going I get more readers. 

4. I develop my unique writing voice. When trying to be formal and pleasant I end up being fragmented version of other writers. But by writing like I speak I develop my own writing style. 


As you can see above writing like you speak comes with benefits. Remember you can always rewrite to incorporate missing grammar into your writing. Writing like you speak makes it easier and more fun. 

So when you write keep it simple and speech like. 

What next? 

Write for five (5) minutes in speech like manner, be as informal as possible and express yourself like you speak. Post it in the comments section below.

So go and write like you speak. 


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