One Big Reason your so many goals never get accomplished 

​It’s commonplace nowadays to hear someone advice another: “set a goal.” or “Make it a target!”

Goal setting is such an integral part of our everyday lives that gives us a focus, a direction or path to thread.

In my bid to keep up growing and developing (being better day by day), I’ve always been among those who are so eager to set goals but haven’t been on the fortunate side of things when it comes to achieving them. 

Everytime I fail to hit a deadline or attain a goal, I keep asking myself -Why is this so? Why can’t I achieve these goals?

I then found out that it wasn’t my goals that were wrong it was my approach to achieving them that was at fault.

Like I used to think like most people think – 

That all I need to get goals achieved is set them;

That attainment is supposed to be instanteous and automated;

That the goals would work themselves out. 

But I’ve come to know that it doesn’t work that way. In fact, there’s nothing farther away from the truth. 

“When you set a goal, a gap is created between where you currently stand and where you want to be ( i.e. your goal).”

– Benjamin P. Hardy, Slipstream Time Hacking

The working phase

There is a phase between goal setting and attainment. This phase is like an in-between, a translational phase at which you work (literally) towards the set goals.

To me working on my goals is literally journeying towards their attainment. It is moving from the planning, wishing, aspiring state to the accomplishment and celebratory stage. 

Toby Nwazor of mystartupceo says it better:

“From Sweat to sweet. You don’t stumble accidentally into success. You consciously work it out.”

Know this:

Folding your hands after setting goals could possibly mean you stay there permanently. 

Stagnation and backward movement away from the set goal is all that you can certainly have. 

Thus, go beyond goal setting and work towards achieving them. 

What’s your take on the working phase and goal attainment? 

Let me know your views by leaving a comment 


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