How to Avoid Drifting Away From Your Targets ​

Five tips to Staying focused on your goal

You nurse an ambition and pursue it. It is your goal and you focus on it. Many of us see our goal as priceless and worthy of all our effort. But sometimes you find yourself getting distracted from the goal itself, you lose focus and thus eventually lose the goal.

Losing a goal is very bad as it takes you back to the scratch or square one as some will prefer to call it. To this effect one needs to stay attentive, alert and well focused on the goal.

Below are five common things you can do to stay goal focused. 

  1. Have a clear cut objective: 

    your goal should be vividly clear to you. This helps you plan well towards the goal, work easily and have the desired objective clearly in sight. When your goal is clear your coast is clear!

  2. Work towards it:

    as I stressed in my post on taking actions, planning alone never achieves anything. Intention requires action for it to birth the goal. So to stay focused goal wards you need to literally work towards the goal.

  3. Recognise opponents:

    there is no noble objective that is not opposed. Your goal’s opposition may not be another human being it may be some other activities. For instance you want to get an all distinction result but you seldom like studying, you’re better off chatting with friends.

  4. Defeat the opponents:

    when you’ve recognised the opponents of your goal, it is time to conjure up ways of defeating them. For instance in the above examples I made you can easily cut off from such activity.

  5. Believe in your goal:

    Finally, your attitude towards the goal plays a vital role in keeping you focused on the goal ahead. So to keep your eyes on the target believe in the target. Believing it’s achievable. 


To stay focused on a target it is fundamental to plan how to achieve the goal, recognising the goal’s opposition and actually meeting the target. Stay focused goal wards using these five simple and common tips.

Now your turn . . .

Question: how does keeping your focus on the goal help you achieve your objectives? Leave a comment. 


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