Do yourself a favour – Take Action Now

Whenever you take action, you get better off when you had only planned, intended, wished or aspired. The statements below are commonly made by people who have a big wishbone and don’t back it up with a backbone of doing:

‘I wish I were a writer’,

‘I wish I were a dancer’,

‘I wish I had started a blog’,

‘I intend to join a music group’,

‘I am an aspiring businessman’,

Does this  Sound like you? Many people are in the category of good intention makers but bad action takers.

What does it mean to take action?

Taking action is a leap beyond wish, aspiring or intending. It involves doing. The only way to do something is by doing it and there are no two ways about it.

Taking action is the only way to succeed at school or any other task or goal you pursue.

Taking action is highly beneficial. Every action taken leaves one with achievements.

But specifically, what are the benefits of taking action? Instead of wishing you know them; I’ll take action by presenting you with some five (5) great ways taking action rewards you with.

Five (5) awesome benefits you get for taking action.

  1. Goal attainment:

     provided that you take action, your targets are attained. There is nothing more than ticking done on your task list. You achieve the goal and that alone is enough to propel you to do more. 

  2. Fulfilment:

     when your pursuits are met, your targets reached and your goals attained you get happy and fulfilled. 

  3. You defeat procrastination:

    with your goals attained, you waste no time and thus you defeat Mr. Procrastinator, that goal killer and time thief.

  4. You progress:

    with your current target met and procrastination defeated, you move on to the next target thus you grow progressively.

  5. Confidence:

    you know how important it is for you to confidently face your studies and work. When you take action and see results you get confident thus you do more, achieve more and become more.


Taking action leaves you with attained goals, fulfilment, progress and confidence. Start taking action now! One action is far better than tons of intentions. Do yourself a favour take action now!

Question: having learnt the amazing benefits of taking action, what action are you going to take today? Tell us by leaving a comment.


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