What is your definition of success?

A few weeks ago I was conversing with a friend whom I hadn’t seen for three years.
After the usual, ‘long time no see’ and ‘how have you been?’ salutations,
he asked me a question – ‘What does success mean to you?’ I was silent for a while and he added, ‘What’s your life target?’
I was dumbfounded by the gravity of the question and couldn’t answer. All through my journey back to school I kept pondering on it – what does success mean to me personally?
I didn’t get to the bottom of it until recently. I now understand what my friend was asking me to do.

What is your definition of success? Via Amoson Writes
Success Definition via Amoson Writes

He wanted me to have a definition for success.

But what is this success?

When you Look around see many successful men and women. They are people who have excelled in their fields.
So it is fair to say you know what success is. Well, no! It isn’t!
In as much as everyone strive to succeed, you’d never succeed if you don’t have a personal definition.
Success therefore is what you as a person have decided to do. A target you set for yourself.
It is not necessarily owning a multi-million dollar company, it’s not wearing the latest and most expensive clothes nor is it even riding the best ride.
Success is much more than what you see in successful people it’s a function of your decision – you decide what success is to you.
It is reaching the goals you’ve set. It is hitting your target.
Only when you’ve scaled the heights of your set benchmarks or your yardsticks for measuring success would you be in line to succeed.

Success Definition

Now that you know what success really is – what is your definition? It could be as minute as eating a nice meal and as big as building a multi-million dollar company from scratch.
The only thing that matters is to set your own definition of success.

Now what?

Write down what you want to achieve and let it be your guide as you journey towards success.
It is simple – be the one who decides what success is to you and not following some people’s Standards.
If you change your benchmark for success and you’d find joy and fulfillment in what you have.
Simply put – Change your yardsticks for measuring success and you’d be happier
Remember it’s never fair to compare!
Now am asking you the same question – what does success mean to you? What’s your success definition?
Let me hear your views via the comments section below.


2 thoughts on “What is your definition of success?

  1. Jay Colby July 13, 2016 / 5:11 pm

    My definition of success is being able to impact & influence as many people as I can. Also success for me is when I’m at peace & enjoying life one day at a time. Great post btw I look forward to reading more from you!

    • Amos Gideon Buba July 14, 2016 / 1:45 am

      Jay Colby, thanks a lot for stopping by and contributing.
      I like your definition of success – impact and influence are two good metrics for success definition.
      Do drop by again for more.
      – Gideon

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