Five Great Android Calendar Apps for Scheduling your Tasks

A couple of weeks ago I told you about a so neglected yet needful tool to task attainment – Scheduling. If you missed the post you should read it here.

In that post I promised to come up with a list of great apps to help you in scheduling. They are mostly called calendar apps or simply to-do list apps.

As a writer, student, entrepreneur they help me organize my activities hence I usually end my day with loads of cleared tasks. They’d do same for you!

Below are my five best calendar Apps for Android devices. I have used them and here’s my honest assessment.

  1. Google Calendar:

It was revamped late last year to fit in with Android’s new “Material Design”, and alongside the improved look came more effectiveness than it ever had. Browsing the calendar from month to month is a simple swipe away, and it can now be set up to automatically pull events, such as hotels reservations, flights, and event tickets directly out of your inbox and add them to your schedule.

Photo Credit: Google Calendar Icon via Google Play Store

Finally, they also added a schedule view, which just shows you a continuous list of upcoming entries, and not a daily or weekly display.

This app usually comes along with Android devices but if you don’t have it you can get it here on Google Play Store.

  1. Business Calendar:

    Don’t let the name fool you, this calendar is also appropriate for students, retirees, and everyone else in-between as it is for business people. The main selling point of Business Calendar is its alternative approach to usage and displays. Instead of the typical drop-down menu which gives access to day, week, and month views, the app uses an intuitive swipe and tap approach to navigation.

    Photo Credit: Business Calendar Icon via Google Play Store
    Photo Credit: Business Calendar Icon via Google Play Store

    There are also configurable widgets in for the month, week, agenda, and day view, and an integrated task-management tool for syncing with other apps like Google Tasks & Toodledo.

    You can get it here on Google Play Store.

  1. Cal:

    Cal is hugely popular; however, I feel it only really excels ahead of the competition when used in conjunction with the “” task list app. It certainly looks great thanks to a range of background images and a visual timeline, but its functionality can be confusing at times. Given it is developed by the same people as the Any.Do app, it naturally syncs tasks between the two very well, but if you need a full-featured app that you rely on regularly, there are better options out there.

    Photo Credit: Cal Calendar by via Google Play Store
    Photo Credit: Cal Calendar by via Google Play Store

    Get it here on Google Play Store.

  1. Jorte Calendar and Organizer:

    Jorte is definitely one of the most flamboyant calendar apps on our list and that’s perfectly okay because sometimes you just need more colorful. It does by being the only app on the list that has a store where you can go get backgrounds and icons for the calendar app to customize it how you please (this includes font support for otf and ttf formats). It also has a proprietary sync service that allows you to sync your calendars between devices. Along with those things, it can also do pretty much all of your standard calendar stuff. It’s free so if you want something a little different, this is a good option.

    Photo Credit: Jorte Calendar and Organizer via Google Play Store
    Photo Credit: Jorte Calendar and Organizer via Google Play Store

    It’s available on Google Play store here.

  1. SolCalendar:

    SolCalendar is another up and coming calendar application with a lot going for it. It likens itself an all-in-one scheduling solution and has features to cover to-do lists as well as calendar and it’ll even show you the weather for specific days. It has Google Calendar and Tasks support, widgets, a lunar calendar, and it even has Foursquare support. There is a lot of stuff here and it works very well as an all-in-one solution. It’s also free with no in-app purchases which is only frosting on the cake.

    Photo Credit: Sol Calendar via Google Play store
    Photo Credit: Sol Calendar via Google Play store

    Get it from Google Play store here.

What next?

Now you have it – my list of five calendar apps for scheduling on Android. All you need to do is to pick one and enjoy scheduling and accomplish more tasks. You’d be glad you did!

What’s your experience with these apps – tell us now via the comments section below. I love to hear your views.


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