Do you work but see No results? Do this!

The 21st century human being is an ever engaged being;
A busy bee or better still a buzzing being.
To him the 24 hour day is grossly inadequate and thus he always has tons of undone tasks.
This causes him to undermine his efforts. “I’m not doing enough!” he asserts.
The truth is, we all want to do more,  be more and have more. In short, we crave increased productivity.

Photo Credit: To Do File Shows Organise And Planning Tasks by Stuart Miles via
Photo Credit: To Do File Shows Organise And Planning Tasks by Stuart Miles via

To be more productive you need to literally do more. Great, this is why you pick at several tasks.

But,  here comes the problem. How do you achieve those tasks that would by extension mean more productivity? How do you really do more?
Well in this post I’d Share with you one of the potent tools I use to beat my tasks daily.
Yes, so obvious yet so widely neglected. Old fashioned scheduling helps you improve productivity in dimensions you can’t imagine. Below I write about some of these spheres.

1. It aids better focus: scheduling to do certain things at certain times gives you a sense of direction. Your goals and successes are defined. Remember, anyone travelling nowhere can stop anywhere and call it his destination. Disastrous right? Well,  simple scheduling prevents it.
2. It provides balance of activities: with tons of tasks flooding your day, it is very easy to find yourself drifting intermittently between tasks. This increases the amount of time required to finish a task but with scheduling this too is defeated as a balance is created amongst your tasks.
3. It helps you get organized: scheduling puts your tasks in a certain order. Thus helping you get organized. When your activities are ordered, you have less clutter on your hands and clutter is one big anti task achievement agent.
4. It counters procrastination: this is by far the best sphere where scheduling helps. In the real sense procrastination occurs when you don’t do what you’re supposed to at a specific time. Scheduling counters that by giving you something to do always.

Aside speeding your goal attainment ratio, scheduling helps you be a better version of yourself by improving your focus and organization while countering procrastination. Use it!
To help out with scheduling, there are lots of apps out there. My next productivity post would be about these apps. Stay tuned!


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