Just do it – Nothing else works

The’s something about achieving any task, succeeding over any hurdle or beating any Target. As long as you don’t do it – it doesn’t get done. It remains just another item on your task list.
It is true that for many people there’s nothing more daunting than starting out at a task.


Well in this article I’m going to take you through the actual process of defeating these task completion derailers.

The Open secret

Now this is not entirely a Secret – which is why I call it an open secret.
The secret to getting things done is simply doing them.
Yes, it’s that straight-forward. For as long as you keep aiming at targets and adding them to your schedule without doing anything you achieve nothing.

Planning towards achieving your goals is very good but if not followed by determined action, it remains just but a plan. Any plan that has not been executed is but a waste of time.

Every plan that is not followed by determined action remains nothing but a plan

Now you know all that you need to get things done. Go to your task list and actually do those tasks.
Don’t Just wish you aced those goals or talk about beating your targets instead direct concerted effort towards doing them.
This is the only way to get things actually done!


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