One basic truth about making your life count

The issue

There is this certain surge by people today to live a life of purpose. To answer a call to their life’s work (vocation). This increased interest is well reflected in the increasing amount of publications on this subject in recent years. Some of these include Jeff Goins’ Art of work, Frances Okoro’s 10 steps to walking in purpose, Daniel Nicolas’ Innate Abilities, Wilson Biyama’s Purpose, the ultimate pursuit and a host of others. The list is endless. All these are geared towards teaching people to walk in purpose; to live for a cause; to live a life that is worth the days you’ve got; to making your life count.
I know these books had taught you a lot about this subject.
But, the question remains: how exactly do you make your life count? What is the nitty-gritty involved in making your life count?
Well, this post would tell you about a basic truth about this subject.

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Making your life count?

Life in itself is not just a large whole but is segmented in varying degrees of time frames. How you use these frames determines what you do. This is exactly how much your life count.
To make your life count is simply to live a life that is worth the time spent living it.

The basic Truth

As I’ve stated earlier, life is segmented and spent in chunks. In the light of this you’d realize that a year is not a year if not for the component months, weeks and days of which it is composed. Your whole life is a product of varying degree of time summed up together. This realization leads you to the basic truth :

Your life is a product of small decisions which sum up to make your whole life count. The decisions you make each time you’re faced with one is critical to how much your life counts.

After knowing this basic truth. I would like to highlight that there are 86,400 seconds in a day and each of these seconds are decision points. Therefore each moment can make your life count.

So what?

The worth of your life is your value and if you are not valuable you’ll not be valued. Hence, your life will not count. So go and make your life count.


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