Five simple techniques for developing self-confidence

The need

You face this every day. The need to be confident in confronting your problems stand tall among prerequisites for success. You are challenged to chuck off fear and build your confidence. However, the bugging question in this is: how do you do that? How do you gain confidence?

In this post I’d share with you five techniques for developing your self-confidence.

The cause

Lack of confidence like other life problems can only be curbed upon knowledge of its causes. So firstly, what militates against the development of your confidence?

The obvious answer is fear, but is this giant enemy working alone? Or has it got a gang bidding to beat you out of the confidence race?

Alongside fear, another enemy to self-confidence development is depression. Yes, stress causes anxiety and that alone could beat self-confidence out of you. Yet another is a meandering mind full of wanderings and wondering. To cap it all the chief of them all is self-doubt.

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The solution

To curb the activities of these miscreants I present you these five, easy to implement things which would invariably boost your self-confidence. These are?

  1. Avoid focusing on your flaws:

    the fact that you flawed in the past doesn’t mean your future would be determined by same flaws. You can start over anytime and have a happy ending. Failure is not final nor is it fatal. So instead of dwelling on your past mistakes and failures, move forward and look toward doing better.

  2. Be positive:

    no matter how bad a situation looks it is always possible for some positive impact to come out of it. So instead of dwelling on the negative look up and believe success is still attainable. This boosts your morale and thus helps you approach your goals with more confidence.

  3. Focus on what you have and can do:

    to boost your self-confidence it is always good to focus on your abilities and capabilities. This alone would build a positive resilience within you and thus help you gain more confidence towards your goals.

  4. Take a break:

    yes, the fact that you want to achieve that giant goal of yours doesn’t mean you should walk yourself into stress as this could be counter intuitive in the sense that it could make you lose confidence. So go take a break, rest and then come back.

  5. Learn and use deep breathing techniques:

    this is the easiest to implement of all these techniques. Whenever your heart starts skipping beats or racing on cause if a goal, just calm down by taking deep breathes. This helps you act more logically. You’d be surprised at how much you’d be able to achieve when you calm down.

There you have it – the five techniques to use towards gaining more confidence. Using these techniques would foster the development of your self-confidence and boost your morale towards your ever daunting tasks.

What other techniques can you use to build your confidence? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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