The one mind-set element you need to always win at the end

Life’s full of ups and downs; pits and peaks; hills and valleys.

Everyday life presents you with a different set of circumstances.

Some good others bad – at least as we view them.

In the light of these as a success minded person you still tend to have bad moments.


Yes, you fail at some things.

These failures usually leave you dejected, angry and sometimes even in mourning.

You could be in these state for days or even weeks.

On the other side of the tunnel are your successes.

Your attained goals.

Success drives you into joy which usually accompanies accomplishment.

These successes also comes with celebration whether party like, or not.

These celebrations could also last for weeks.

Staying in a failure induced mournful state for long would never make you succeed. Likewise, staying in celebration mood for long only makes your victory temporal.

Success driven people believe in winning and succeeding at the end.

The questions now are:

How do you win at the end when your temporary success is taken away from you?

How do you win at the end when you languish with one failure for so long?

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The needful mind-set element.

What you think of something is your mind-set towards that thing. The mind-set is made up of various fragments of mind views you own. These fragments I call mind-set elements.

To get the winner’s stand in the end you need to add one more mind-set element.

The 24hr Reset

This is a mind-set element that simply resets your view on a specific task on a 24hr basis. It means you stop mourning or celebrating a failure or success after 24hrs. This also mean whenever you succeed or fail at a task you permit yourself to be on it for a whole day after which you move on. 24hrs is enough to mourn a failure and move onto trying to get on to winning ways.

This is the only way a winner is born through consistent trial.

This is the only way you win ultimately.

All I’m trying to say is this:

Singing a victor’s song for too long only helps your opponents stand up and fight your success out of your hands and

Sinking in failure for long only helps them wax stronger and leaves you as a perpetual failure.

So, after every day allow its circumstances to lie and head to the next day with a clean slate ready to write a victor’s story.


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