Enlist for discovery and you will surely discover

It is a pity to note that many people only realize their potential when they have
already gone a long way in their life. The self discovery period is often a late comer in
the lives of most people. It marvels me when people in this 21st century still hang their
dear lives on some popular quotes like:
“Life begins at forty (40)”.
Everybody knows that this is an old charges. Today I got a new charge for
you. Ask yourself this question.

  • If life really begins at forty does that mean those who die before clocking
    forty haven’t actually lived?
  • Do you know how long you are going to live?

In view of these questions I’ve got a little advice for you:
Start out and make a discovery of yourself. Don’t wait for opportunity to come
begging you to take it. Grab what you’ve got where you are and begin with it, forging towards what you want; what you like; what you love; what fulfills you; what becomes your passion; what makes you you!!!

For me it took five (5) solid years to discover that I can write and the fruit of that
discovery is the article you are reading right now. Forget about your disabilities and
weaknesses; concentrate on you what you can do.
You can do the same just take time and study yourself. Mind you even if you are fifty (50) years old it is not too late.

The beginning is not as important as the end!

What about this advice? Am sure you like. Well I must tell you that I like it too that’s
why I shared it with you. Now come on share it with somebody and you will be glad
you did.


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